The Aruki brand is created by ASPT founder Philip Chua. In the 1980s, home appliance spare parts are extremely expensive and hard to obtain. The founder strongly believes that good quality items need not be expensive, and that it should be made readily available to the mass. He believed that in order for humanity to sustain long term into the future, there is a neccessity to save resources and if things can be fixed, it should be. With that belief, a Japanese friend of Philip recommended the name Aruki, which means "to walk". It meant that Aruki would one day become the most affordable quality brand to bring humanity forward. Today, Aruki has reached a global presence and deals with distributing agents spanning over 50 countries across all continents.

Aruki is perfectly fine with being an unsung hero, looking forward to contribute massively to humanity in a low profile manner. While end consumers may never ever get to know the Aruki brand, our products will continue to be loved and used by servicemen and manufacturers. These Aruki products will quietly do its work inside every home appliances ensuring that consumers are able to enjoy a quality life.


To deliver affordable products at the highest quality with assurance. All Aruki employees give their maximum effort to ensure that our products are consistent in quality, starting from the design and quality of the packaging, to the manufacturing of the products and its finishing. The Aruki team holds tremendous pride at work to deliver exceptional service for its customers and continuously seek to improve based on feedback and innovation


By providing affordable products at great quality levels, Aruki's vision is to aid the world in saving resources by providing affordable alternatives to enabling a sustainable and quality life for consumers. We believe that in a world with limited resources, saving is the key to moving forward.